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Self-publishing a historical biography

A case study on working with author Andrew Ashbee on his self-published book Zeal Unabated: The Life Of Thomas Fletcher Waghorn (1800-1850)

The production of Ashbee’s biography had to represent the amount of dedicated research that, overall, took him 18 years to write. He knew he wanted to include pictures, both colour and mono within the book, so we set about making the best book possible.

Self-publishing a historical biography takes time and dedication. We wanted to reflect that in the production…


Production details:

  • Size: Royal (234mm x 156mm)
  • Paperback
  • Pages: 354 on TJ Woodfree 80gsm
  • 336 pages mono, 18 pages colour
  • Cover: gloss lamination on 235gsm cover stock



Examples of mono images in the book:






Untitled design (1)






“I hoped and believed the production would be relatively quick – but I have been pleasantly surprised how quick. [The book] has been done most efficiently and elegantly and I am delighted with it.”

Examples of colour images in the book:


ashbee3 ashbee4


Untitled design (2)





“The cover TJ INK created is far superior to the draft which I sent them.”




Interested in this project? Read our interview with Ashbee here. 

If you’d like to talk through the production options for your book, why not give us a call? We’re happy to help.