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Self-publishing Multiple Books: My Story

Author Madeleine Orrick has been self-publishing multiple books for years. Now, with the revised edition of her Anders trilogy printed, we catch up with her to ask some questions.

Self-publishing multiple books

Author, Madeleine Orrick

Have you always written? What has been your journey to becoming an author?

I started writing after my husband passed away in 2000. It was something I was always interested in but running a guest house left little time, and spending that time with family was essential. When the opportunity eventually came, I had so many ideas in my head that starting to write was exciting as they seemed to flow, filling potentially lonely hours.

Just when I thought I was finished, like so many authors have said, writing then re-writing to get the final edit was unexpectedly time consuming. The journey was full of pitfalls, as it was far more difficult than I imagined to get my words into print.

With self-publishing multiple books, what do you like to write about and what has been your favourite book to write?

Anders Folly was my first and favourite book, although I have enjoyed the challenge of moving with the times as the story came up-to-date. I find writing engrossing. I love developing the story and creating twists and turns to make the books interesting and keep my readers turning pages.

What are the biggest obstacles you face when writing and how do you overcome them?

I struggle to think up names because, having such a large family, a lot of favourites are already in use and I feel it is too easy to upset or demonise someone. I usually get past this at 3am when, for some sleepless reason, my mind works over time.

Can you tell us a bit about your Anders trilogy? What are the books about and why should people buy them?

self-publishing multiple books

Madeleine’s Anders trilogy

The trilogy covers the lives of the Anders family and spans five generations. The stories tell of the problems, joys, and sorrows that we can all relate to at some point. The books are an escape to Cornish life, where age old idylls and myths stir the imagination. Valued feedback says that my readers feel they are taking part in the story because of my ability to draw pictures with words.

Why did you decide to self-publish your books?

As an unknown writer, it was impossible to find an agent and difficult to find a publisher. I always wanted to see my work in print.

What tips can you offer people thinking of self-publishing multiple books?

Read over your work and keep editing until you are completely satisfied. THEN go to TJ INK! They are helpful and get the job done quickly and efficiently, with professional ideas and guidance.

Do you have any plans for future novels and how long does it roughly take you to complete a final draft?

self-publishing multiple books

Underwood, by Madeleine Orrick

My latest book, a mystery romance novel entitled Underwood was also recently done through TJ INK, along with a children’s book called The Cat with Two Tails. Currently I am writing another book also based in Cornwall, which I plan to finish early next year. Each novel takes about a year to finalise.

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have one book in the entire world, which would you choose?

Ideally I would take my family photo album but if I had to choose one book it would either be Coming Home or The Shell Seekers, both by Rosamund Pilcher.


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