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Stella Tamakloe

TJ INK produced Stella Tamakloe’s latest non-fiction title that explores the importance of a healthy mind, body and spirit. Stella was fully equipped with ideas for the cover and how to make it pop on the shelf.

 Production details:

The Relationship Food title is part of the Life series. Stella wanted to make sure that the series really stood out as a cohesive whole. To deliver this, the Relationship Food manuscript was set to the same trim size as its counterparts, 160 mm by 110 mm (portrait). It was crucial that it followed in the style of the previous titles in the series, therefore the interior design was closely discussed and agreed with Stella.


The book was printed with black ink on high quality, white 80 gsm Woodfree publishing paper (FSC). This made it easier to flick through and glean those gems of health inspiration.


In terms of the cover design, Stella had already envisaged how the books would look to the reader. This was really helpful as it gave us a strong vision to work with. The subtle yet striking cover ties in with the series and cements it as part of a collection. Furthermore, this helped to communicate Stella’s author brand of motivational life advice. The book’s cover was printed on a standard  industry paperback cover stock and matt laminated.

To find out more about what the author’s own personal journey has been like and how she ended up with three books to her name, read more on our journal.