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Stella Tamakloe: well-being writer

Stella Tamakloe has written a non-fiction series called Life. The set includes three motivational books, Life Your Way, Relationship Food and Lost and Found: Healing, Moving Forward. With it still feeling like the depths of winter, we asked the author to write more on her journey to being a well-being writer to give us that boost of inspiration a lot of us are in need of…

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“I am a 57 year old British Senior Accredited Practitioner of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapist (BACP). Currently, I mentor Roehampton Students and I am also a well-being writer and workshop facilitator.

As a child I became deeply interested in, and enjoyed listening to, people and their stories. I found myself inspired by different life events through the integration of the mind, body and spirit. I asked lots of questions from my elders and relatives. From this, I wrote short inspirational poems that were published by the Catholic National Newspaper in Ghana. I also wrote short plays that were staged by the youth organisation. Afterwards, I decided to train in the art of writing! Consequently, Journalism and Communications came up.

I enrolled in a training course for international students in Fleet Street. I started to realise that I enjoyed the public relations aspect better because I am more of a people person. Whilst training I became involved in working in the kitchen as a volunteer for a homeless charity. They supplied hot meals and social care. Witnessing the suffering of many beautiful souls that were looked down upon touched me greatly.

After training, I changed my mind to work as a journalist. I started to realise that I was more of a spiritual than religious person. In London, I became aware that there was no empowerment of the individual in the Catholic Church, which was contrary to my upbringing in Ghana. I didn’t understand the politics and bureaucracy of the institution. I did different temporary work with various companies. I used all the skills that I had acquired in communications to help me pay the bills, whilst engaging in different community charities.

I became curious about the different spiritual traditions that reflected the range of people I engaged with on a daily basis.This perhaps gave me some insight into our human condition – the mind, body and spirit. I became intrigued in human well-being. Within this field I met many lead professionals who encouraged me to take it further. I finally decided to complete my psychotherapy training at Roehampton University after redundancy from a long term position working with different health and well-being projects. I started my career in Psychotherapy by facilitating group workshops.

“They liked my work but I had to create chapters and I came to realise I would not have full control over my writing.”

My psychotherapeutic mentor encouraged me to start putting my insights on paper. This was due to my clients asking for paper to write their own insights down during therapeutic sessions! In 2007, I decided to publish. I am fortunate that I live and work near a publishing company. I walked in and asked for guidance. They liked my work but I had to create chapters and I came to realise I would not have full control over my writing. One lady in the company told me about self-publishing and gave me the details of Nielsen data. The team mentored me and provided me with all the support I needed. The Nutri Centre Books in London stocks my books. They have been looking after me since 2008.

My first book Life Your Way was printed by Biddles. I discovered however, that they were no longer using the size of my first book. I was introduced to TJ for my second and third books. Their professional insights and guidance have been highly beneficial.

My books are limited editions only. I write so that the reader can relate and benefit from the experience. To see feedback and details on how to buy my books, follow this link on Amazon.”

Learn more about the production of Stella’s books on our case-studies page.

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