Our Publishing Services

Each component of your book is equally vital in solidifying a credible self-published book. Writers come to us at all different stages of the process. This is why we have made the option available for you to select publishing services individually, honed to your specific requirements. 

We make your long-waited publishing dream achievable


You always need a fresh pair of eyes to spot those occasional mistakes we all make when writing. Our editorial services are split into three:

1. Copy Edit

This encompasses grammar, consistency, spelling and context. We read through your manuscript and catch any mistakes such as pesky grammatical errors or timeline inconsistencies to make sure your draft is watertight and seamless.

2. Structural Edit

A structural edit goes deeper into the foundations of your manuscript. If you need a helping hand with structure, plot or character development, then an editing service could be the option you are looking for. One to one consultations are available for comprehensive and open discussions about your project. Even if you aren’t quite ready to go to print yet, it’s a good way to solidify your ideas and technique.

3. Proof-read

The final proof-read usually happens before the files go to print. This means making those vital last-minute checks that everything is aligned properly for printing and making sure no spelling mistakes have slipped the editorial net!

Our professional editing services are suggestions and you maintain the integrity and control at each stage of the process.


Your manuscript is freshly edited and ready to go, but what next? Our self-publishing design services are split into two: Interior (typesetting) and exterior (cover design).

1. Interior

This involves everything to do with the inside of your book. We can assist in typesetting your manuscript and making it ready to go to print. Alternatively, if you want to do it yourself, get in contact and we’ll send you our guidelines to creating press-ready files. Interior design also entails formatting any images within the text, along with tables, diagrams and indexes. Producing a quality book starts from within.

2. Exterior

A self-published book can sink or swim based on the cover alone. Let our experiences design team assist you with creating a professional cover that immediately speaks to the reader. We provide a range of different covers to fit the individuality of your book, whilst fitting into the market place of your chosen genre.


We tailor and guide you through the extensive range of book production possibilities in order to find the right composition unique to your project. Our in-house printers can print short run and long run titles to suit your order. Whether it’s paperback, hardback or an e-conversion, we will navigate you through the process to deliver a solution that’s right for you.

The quality of how your book is made is essential to communicating a professional author career and makes for an instant good impression with retailers and distribution networks. A design and production example of our work can be found here.

Marketing and Distribution

Distribution and marketing are crucial aspects to the self-publishing process. Everyone loves a beautifully made and well written book, but to choose yours specifically, they need to know about it.

If you want to know more about our book marketing and distribution prices, get in touch.

We offer no-fuss distribution services to guarantee your book is readily available to online retailers, bookshops and library stockists. This part of the process relies on established relationships, with many retailers and wholesalers only using professional and trusted distributors. We utilise our networks to deliver your book with care and immediacy.

Making sure that your book is available works in sync with the promotion. Even though our distribution capabilities are a different service to our marketing ones, they are equally important if you want your book to be a success. Distribution alone will not sell your book.

From press releases to events, from liaising with the media to boosting your social media marketing, we can launch your book to the next level and increase reader awareness.

The earlier you think about the marketing of your book, the better. Who is your target audience? If you have a clear understanding of how you want your novel to sell and the audience it speaks to, we can apply our marketing services to elevate your book.