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Why Writing One Book Isn’t Enough

Writing one book is an incredible achievement. Writing more will increase your chances for success. Here’s why:


If anything, producing more books shows you’re serious about publishing. You know your reader and you’ve nailed an intricate plot – you mean business.

We all know writing is based as much on productivity as any other career. You have to reach a word count and keep churning out your ideas. This is why writing one book is only the start. If you are dedicated and produce multiple books, it presents a great sense of self-belief and passion to readers.

 Staying Power

“Sure, there are some breakout successes, but most indie fiction authors making decent money right now have 5 or more books.”

– Joanna Penn

Naturally, if your book is part of a series you maintain your connection with the reader and continue to push media momentum.

Consider the publishing frenzy that surrounded Jessie Burton’s beautiful novel The Miniaturist in July 2014. It’s been barely a year and she’s all set to publish her next book. Although it isn’t a continuation of a series, it’s proof that this industry moves quickly and you have to keep hold of the kite string.


Writing one book may simply be too restrictive for the story you want to tell. Are the themes and plot just too big to be crammed into a single novel? Ask yourself – wouldn’t the story and characters develop more naturally with increased breathing room?

If you are writing a story that you think might have the potential to be the start of a series, it’s wise to plan for this, but not give too much detail to the later books. Write a book that therefore resolves all the major plot points but has the potential to continue. This way, you won’t run into trouble if book number one isn’t a success.

 Author Brand

Writing multiple books is an easy way to develop and strengthen your author brand. Writing one book represents your brand, but if you can follow this up with the support of a series, it will give your brand depth.

Credibility in this industry is everything. With independent authors realising more and more the importance of professional outwork services, the competition is fierce. Producing a book series therefore creates a legitimate author brand, instead of a flash in the pan book, which was published five years ago.


Depending on how you work out the maths for selling your books, it may work out well to promote an offer. When writing a series of books you are more flexible with how you sell. For example, you can experiment with your marketing and offer real value to readers.

Include information about the next book at the end of your first book to make the transition for the reader as easy as possible. Also, it could be beneficial to a offer a deal on your books in order to get initial readers in. For example, why not offer a free sample of your next book, or the opportunity to buy one and get the next free? Writing one book may result in stagnant sales, so follow it up!

Writing one book is only the start of your self-publishing journey. Let’s build a successful writing career and get more books out there!

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